1. damnafricawhathappened:

    When your Bath & Body Works store tells you they have three wick Winter Candy Apple and Frosted Gingerbread candles so you drive all the way to Appleton and they only have 4 oz candles


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  2. juicymixtape:


    y’all coming for bey’s new hair but it’s a test to see who among the beyhive is loyal and will defend the queen no matter what and so far y’all failing when judgement day comes she will cast y’all aside for dragging her and y’all will ask when did we drag you Beysus and she’ll reply when my wig game was off point and said that i slept with my hair dresser’s man 

    like #staywoke tbh

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    1. classmate: *negative remark about lady gaga*
    2. me: lord give me the strength not to curb this hoe, hallowed be thy name amen

  4. nickiminajsasshole:

    when momma takes out the cookies from the oven


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  9. moodyyounggaymale:

    Mom: "dinner is ready"



    "Can you set the table"


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